We are proud of the large number of excellent programs we have at Terrace Ridge School. Please contact us for more information on any of the programs listed below.

Special Needs

Terrace Ridge is committed to meeting the needs of all students in an inclusive environment. We will work collaboratively with other teachers, professionals, and parents in order to develop an educational program to meet the needs of those students with special needs.

We adopt the following as our definition of inclusion:
A form of instruction that seeks to "maximize” each student's growth by meeting each student where she is and helping the student to progress. In practice, it involves offering several different learning experiences in response to students' varied needs. Learning activities and materials may be varied by difficulty to challenge students at different readiness levels, by topic in response to students' interests, and by students' preferred ways of learning or expressing themselves."

Source: Quote from "Lesson 1: What Is Differentiated Instruction?" in ASCD PD Online: Differentiating Instruction, by L. Kiernan [course author], 2000, Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Retrieved February 21, 2002, from


Terrace Ridge School has a commitment to fine arts programs in general. We believe in their value as a necessary part of a well-rounded education for our students. We are pleased to have a number of staff members who are musically gifted and committed to sharing their talents with our students. A strong music program will be offered to all our students. 

Physical Education

Terrace Ridge School has a commitment to daily physical education. We believe in healthy bodies being a prerequisite for healthy minds. The research clearly indicates physical activity enhances emotional and intellectual well-being. We will offer at least thirty minutes of physical activity to each student each day. We are fortunate to have a number of staff members who are physical education experts and will be providing the backbone of a quality program. 

Bright Futures Play Academy

Our pre-kindergarten programs focused on purposeful play, are designed to increase communication, socialization and learning readiness for successful entry into Kindergarten. Application to the program is completed online. Each spring, community spring intake events are held in your local community. Families that apply after these events are held, will still be contacted by the program staff. Please click this link for further information.


Terrace Ridge School will serve students in kindergarten programs (English only). The programming for our kindergarten is very hands-on and play-based. College Heights, Country Ridge Estates, Elizabeth Park, English Estates, Hearthstone, Regency Park, and Terrace Heights are in the attendance boundary of Terrace Ridge School. Children must be 5 years of age as of December 31 of that year to register for kindergarten.