Full school shift to online learning

Effective Friday May 7, 2021 ALL KINDERGARTEN to GRADE 12 SCHOOLS will transition to online learning. This is a temporary change and students will return to in-school learning on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 (following the Victoria Day Long Weekend).

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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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Deborah Van Delden


Assistant Principal

Marica McWhinnie


Bright Futures Play Academy - Pre K

Jordyn Pennington (LOA)

Kristin de Andrade



Bonnie Joseph

Rebecca Sweet


Grade 1

Jolene Homer

Daryl Oehlerking

Elyse Vincent

Grade 2

Keri Hove-Steiner

Zoe Skene


Grade 3

Pat Jenkins

Lisa Otto

Pamela Hepp

Grade 4

Brenda Bell

Laurie Phillips


Grade 5

Billie Lafleche

Louise Wheeliker


Grade 6 

Rodney Ince

Shelly Treleaven





Erin Heindel




Bonita Nielsen


Administrative Assistant

Cherry Baird

Letha Maddox


School Social Worker

Carly Lang



Educational Assistant


Anita Blain

Trista Lougheed

Sandra Samaroden

Shauna Blain

Coreen McDonald

Wendy Sanders

Mandy Brown

Andrea Moulds

Melanie Taylor

Lara Fodor

Bonita Nielsen


Alicia Giles

Helga Reiner


Michelle Harding

Amie Roberts



Amanda Morden

Leona Pretty