No Cases of COVID-19

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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

8:10- Supervision begins & doors open. Teachers will come and collect the students from their assigned door.              

8:22- O’Canada & Instructional Time Begins

Morning Recess 

9:55-10:05 Grades 4-6 Outside

10:05-10;15 Grades 1-3 Outside

Kindergarten Schedules their own break    

11:45-12:05 - Kinder and Grades 4-6 students outside for lunch recess, Grades 1-3 eat their lunch inside.

12:05 -12:25 - Grades 1-3 students outside for lunch recess, Kinder and Grades 4-6 eat their lunch inside.

12:25- Instructional Time begins for the afternoon

2:55 - End of School Day