Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre 2023-2024

This year's musical theatre production is the Jungle Book! Thank you to everyone that helped us to make this incredible experience possible for our students.

Production Manager/Director: Lisa Otto and Erin Heindel

Musical Director: Erin Heindel

Vocal Coach: Stephen Bell

Stage Management/Sound and Lighting: Lisa Otto, Brenda Bell

Choreography: Hope Darnell, Erin Heindel

Production Assistants: Zoe Skene, Faye Heindel

Costumes and props: Louise Wheeliker, Andrea Moulds

Makeup: Billie Lafleche, Shauna Regier, Marti Doktorchik, Leah Heath

Program and Tech support: Deborah Van Delden

Treasurer: Sandy Samaroden

Many thanks to our parent volunteers, Jeff Heindel, Dean Otto, and Phil Yee

Fundraising Letter

Please click the link for our Musical Theatre Fundraising Letter.


Musical Theatre Sponsors

Thank you to all of this year's sponsors and helpers.