Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

At Terrace Ridge School, we believe that our students need to understand that online choices have offline consequences. As teachers and parents, we need to develop a deeper understanding of the digitally connected world and what it means to be good digital citizens. To meet that goal the staff of Terrace Ridge have been participating in a variety of professional development activities that have focused on increasing our awareness and understanding of digital citizenship.

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Tips for Parents:

  • Learning about digital citizenship starts at an early age and needs continual reinforcement.
  • Work with your children to ensure they are aware of the potential dangers of online activities.
  • Look for ways to embrace the positive power of the internet for everyday use.
  • Understand that your children will likely use the internet outside of your prevue through association with friends. This emphasizes the need to work with them, not against them in helping your children understand the appropriate use of digital tools.

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